The Internet Mail Collector for IBM Domino

Similar to squirrels gathering food like nuts, seeds, acorns and berries, this server program collects email messages from Internet mail servers and forwards them to the IBM Domino server.

Use Cases

Company A - a long-time IBM Domino customer - buys company B, which uses Exchange. During the migration, Squirrel allows the administrator to merge all Exchange/MIME e-mails from company B into IBM Domino of company A.

In addition to his own IBM Notes e-mail, the IBM Domino administrator is responsible for several external MIME mail boxes he needs to monitor. To be able to process these MIME e-mails in his IBM Domino in-box, he uses Squirrel to consolidate these messages boxes.

1. Description

There is no built-in function in IBM Domino to collect messages from an Internet mail server and to forward them to the user mail database. This server add-in allows the administrator to define the Internet mail servers which are allowed to be used for mail retrieval. The user or the administrator then defines the mail account subscriptions based on these definitions. Squirrel works completely in background while periodically connecting to the Internet mail servers and processing the messages for the users.

2. Trial Version

To test this software, you may use this add-in without a license. This test mode supports one active mail account subscription document and terminates after processing three messages.

3. Features

Runs on all server platforms and processor architectures supported by IBM Domino 9.0.1 FP8 or higher
Supports multiple IBM Domino servers in a domain
Supports IMAPS, IMAP, POP3S and POP3 Internet mail servers

4. Authors

Squirrel is a joint development of iota systems GmbH (IBM Notes Front-End) and ABdata, Andy Brunner (IBM Domino Back-End). They both cooperate in the future development, maintenance and support. If you encounter any issue or if you have a suggestion, please let us know. You may contact us at bodo.wetzel@iota.ch or andy.brunner@abdata.ch.

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