Longstanding cooperation with customers within the following industries

For privacy reasons, we are not able to list the names of our customers, but we can name industries and locations instead.

Our customers typically are:

  • Managing directors or owners of SMB more...
  • Department heads and decision makers more...
  • Maybe you?

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  • Insurance, (private-)banks
    Internet and Intranet solutions, CMS, workflows,
    online calculators, interfaces, web services, etc.
  • Print- and document service provider
    Output management system, scanning solution
  • Metal- / Sanitary- / Electrical industry
    Automations, process software, databases
  • Consulting / University / Government
    CRM, workflows
  • IT service provider
    Migration tools, databases
  • Chemical- / Pharmacy industry
    workflows, process software
  • Textile / Automobile industry
    Documentation, process software
  • Health
    Databases, templates, migration tools
  • Telecom / Facility Management
    Output management system
  • Online-dating (USA)
    Internet platform, matching process
  • Human resources, headhunting
    Web-CMS, back office application,
    matching process, newsletter

Customers's locations

  • Basel, Sissach
  • Zürich, Kloten, Dübendorf
  • Baden, Würenlos
  • Bern, Burgdorf
  • St. Gallen
  • Luzern, Sachseln
  • Oftringen, Lenzburg
  • Lugano
  • Jona, Horgen, Rotkreuz
  • Genf